Broadcasting Division

STEPS has the multi-level expertise to help you turn that transformational power into profitable reality. We have a long history of providing innovative solutions for the broadcast community including Saudi TV as one of our major clients.



  • Broadcasting equipment

  • Supply of spare parts for the broadcasting equipment

  • Portable microwave links

  • Fly away and drive away systems

  • SNG truck rental

  • Outside broadcasting vans, more commonly referred as OB vans


  • Supply, install and maintain equipment to engage weather news for Saudi TV
  • Global SNG truck rental for Saudi television.
  • Turnkey setup of a Language Laboratory and Smart Class for Saudi National Guard, Aviation Wing in Riyad
  • Providing broadcasting equipment to Saudi TV at numerous occasions and localities.
  • Supply of bulk video tapes to Saudi TV.
  • Supply of portable microwave links to Saudi TV.


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